Clogged drip irrigation system? here’s how to clean it

A drip irrigation system is a convenient way for plants in a garden or yard to get watered. By directing water near the ground to plants that need it, a drip system can reduce the growth of weeds and the risk of disease from overhead sprinkler watering. Water-soluble fertilizers may also be transferred to plants through such a system. Here are some ways to clean a clogged drip system.

1. Flush a clogged emitter.

Turn on your drip irrigation system.
Hold your finger over the clogged emitter’s outlet for a few seconds and let the water flush back to clean the emitter.

2. Open the emitter and manually clean it if necessary. Check if your irrigation model requires this.
3. Turn your drip system on and off several times to send water to the emitters and push debris through.
4. Check your system’s filters for clogging.

Some filters catch sand and could need frequent cleaning. Try backwashing the filters with the drip system’s own water or manually remove and clean them.